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4 strategies for energy and climate change breakthroughs at the UN summits
Two important events hosted by the United Nations are coming up that are widely hoped to help address what the U.N. calls the "dual challenge"-fighting climate change and ensuring that poorer countries can develop sustainably.
We have to act now,' Biden says at climate meeting with leaders
At private session with global leaders, US president announces push with EU to significantly reduce methane emissions.
Countries Are Breaking Their Climate Promises, The United Nations Says
Meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement will require completely eliminating carbon dioxide emissions from coal-burning power plants like this one in Adamsville, Alabama ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images The United Nations is warning that most countries have failed to uphold promises to make deep cuts to greenhouse gas pollution, in order to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change.
UN warns of "catastrophic" climate change failure without more emissions cuts
A United Nations report released Friday warned that the planet will likely warm by more than 2.7 degrees Celsius by the end of the century unless governments take extra steps to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
United Nations Warns of 'Catastrophic Pathway' With Current Climate Pledges
An accounting of promises made by countries in the years since the Paris accord found that they are not enough to avoid drastic impacts from climate change.
Scientists Flood Forests to Mimic Rising Seas
EDGEWATER, Md.-In a forest dense with maple, beech and poplar trees just a few miles from the Chesapeake Bay, researchers are simulating a flood of the future.
36,000 gigatons of carbon heralded history's biggest mass extinction
The end-Permian mass extinction was a big deal. It was the largest mass extinction event ever and occurred 252 million years ago.
Biden, EU urge 30% methane emissions cuts - a move crucial for protecting climate and health, and it can pay for itself
Why is a methane concern, and is this goal enough?
UN: More pledges needed to avoid 'catastrophic' climate path
A new report shows the world is on a "catastrophic pathway" towards a hotter future unless governments make more ambitious pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the head of the United Nations said on Friday.
Biden announces global goal to reduce planet-warming methane emissions
Biden made the announcement Friday morning during the Major Economies Forum, a virtual, closed-door meeting with other world leaders on climate, ahead of a pivotal UN climate conference in Glasgow in November.