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Cars From Fridges and Boats: Making Autos Out of Scrap
These tinkerers make the most of castoff materials to build an array of wild and impressive cars.
California Highway Patrol probes Tesla crash that left one dead, two injured
A brutal crash involving a Tesla vehicle on a stretch of California highway that left one dead and two injured is under investigation.
NASCAR ditches decades of tradition for its Next Gen race car
Big changes are coming to NASCAR.
Demand from China drives a rebound in Volkswagen sales.
A spike in sales to Chinese customers helped Volkswagen rebound strongly from the disruption caused by the pandemic, the carmaker said Thursday, underlining China's importance to the German economy.
Caught on video: Woman intentionally rams car into vehicle on Milwaukee's north side
MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A woman intentionally ramming her car into another car is caught on tape.
Some people will watch this video and be shocked, but community advocates aren't.
NASCAR 'future proofs' for hybrid power with Next Gen Cup Series cars | Engadget
On Wednesday NASCAR's three participating manufacturers showed off the final looks for their new "Next Gen" models that will be the basis of its Cup Series platforms starting in the 2022 season.
Free Write Off Check
You might presume when you assume a vehicle has been written off, it was a bad crash but that isn't always the reality.
Appeals court allows parents to sue Snap over 100mph car crash
A California federal appeals court has denied legal immunity to Snap for the 2017 death of two teens and a 20-year-old when their car crashed into a tree at 113 miles per hour (180 km/h).
Chip shortage continues, US asks Taiwan to prioritize automakers
The worldwide semiconductor shortage continues to affect the automotive industry.
Romain Grosjean given Mercedes test run F1 swansong at French Grand Prix
Romain Grosjean is to make a final return to Formula One, just as he had hoped he might in the aftermath of the crash that ended his racing career in the sport.