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USPS picks a new mail truck-and no, they won't all be electric
The United States Postal Service has decided on a new delivery vehicle.
Tesla owners still love their cars despite recalls and build quality issues
A just-released Consumer Reports survey puts all four Tesla models in its Top 10 most satisfying vehicles. The rankings covered value, comfort, driving, cabin storage, in-car electronics, and styling.
10 easy hacks to keep your car working in lockdown - and save you 1,000
National lockdowns enforced throughout the coronavirus pandemic have inevitably meant less people getting in their car and driving on the roads.
4 reasons Tesla's stock is tumbling
Shares of Tesla (TSLA) fell 6% Tuesday after closing down 8.5% Monday, wiping out its gains for the year.
The stock closed at a record just above $883 on January 26 and has tumbled since.
Study finds 'new car smell' contains high levels of carcinogens
That "new car smell" everyone loves is actually the scent of dangerous carcinogens - and drivers with long commutes could be at risk, according to a new study.
To the list of places testing driverless cars, add Las Vegas
The list of companies testing self-driving cars on American roads is getting longer.
Consumer Reports creates a "green choice" for vehicle reviews
Almost one in four Americans are very concerned about vehicle tailpipe emissions, according to a survey conducted in January by the publication Consumer Reports.
Benicia dog is terrified of riding in the car; can he be helped?
DEAR JOAN: I have a rescue dog I've had for about six years. He was about 1 year old when I adopted him.
He is a wonderful, sweet-natured dog. He has only one flaw - he hates riding in the car.
Tesla needs to lead the world on vehicle-to-grid charging - get on it, Musk
After adverse weather, thousands are without power and water in Texas. Freezing temperatures and snow last week knocked out vital parts of the grid, which are still yet to be restored.
The Auto Industry Bets Its Future on Batteries
The Transition to Electric Cars
Carmakers, government agencies and investors are pouring money into battery research in a global race to profit from emission-free electric cars.