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Weed is legal in California, but you can still get in trouble. Here's what you should know
Cannabis has been legal for recreational use in California for nearly five years.
Weed near you: Check out this list of Sacramento-area cannabis dispensaries
The five year anniversary of the passage of Proposition 64, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults over age 21, is rapidly approaching.
Meatpacking plants were big COVID spreaders, USDA says. What it means for Fresno area
A recent report from the USDA confirms what many have been saying for months - meatpacking factories were a "major catalyst" to the spread of COVID-19 during the early months of the global pandemic.
Family: Deputy's conviction for killing is 'partial justice'
FILE - In this Oct. 4, 2021, file photo, Danville Police Officer Andrew Hall stands on Court Street after leaving the A.F. Bray Courts Building in Martinez, Calif.
Authorities to present findings in fatal movie-set shooting
FILE - In this Wednesday, April 17, 2002, file photo, items from the National Firearms Museum exhibit of guns and memorabilia used in movies, such as Clint Eastwood's gun and badge from "Dirty Harry," are shown at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Va.
California county closes In-N-Out over vaccine verification
FILE - In this Oct. 20, 2021, file photo, signs advising vaccination and face mask requirements and no indoor dining are displayed on the door of an In-N-Out restaurant in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf.
Palisades Tahoe plans to open early thanks to historic snowstorm. Here's what to expect
If you're looking to shred, Mother Nature has delivered.
Disneyland tickets just got more expensive - and parking too
A trip to see Mickey Mouse will cost you even more now.
Disney on Monday announced new ticket prices for its California theme parks, upping the costs for all but the most basic of tickets.
Looking for a California state job? Here are the highest paying openings posted this week
Looking for a civil service job? These are some of the highest-paid openings available in California posted in the past seven days, according to CalCareers.
Officer convicted in fatal shooting of mentally ill man
A California police officer has been convicted of assault with a firearm in the 2018 fatal shooting of an unarmed mentally ill man in a wealthy San Francisco suburb.