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Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich Business Briefs: Michael Diederich succeeds Jan-Christian Dreesen as CFO and executive vice chairman at Bayern Munich; Apple CEO visits Bayern; Bayern inks deal with new partner
"He also visited because he'd heard that we work a lot with data and analysis, especially in the youth sector," Jung said.Sauer said it was fascinating to discuss the topic of data analysis with Cook.Since 2018, Diederich has also been a member of the supervisory board of FC Bayern München AG."It was a great honor for FC Bayern to have Tim Cook here," said Kahn.Diederich will be appointed as a regular member of the executive board of FC Bayern München AG as early as 1 April 2023 in order to ensure a smooth transition in the subsequent three months until 1 July 2023 together with Dreesen, until he takes office as chief financial officer and executive vice chairman.
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