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Artificial intelligence

Tesla supplier Delta Electronics invests $7M in AI chip startup Kneron
Despite a persistent semiconductor shortage that is disrupting the global automotive industry, investors remain bullish on the chips used to power next-generation vehicles.
A Guide to Four Deep Learning Layers
Photo by Author Nepal.
Machine Learning In The World Of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash The world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is increasingly getting more exciting and rightfully so, as both Ethereum and Bitcoin have so far seen all-time highs in price in 2021.
Can your AI code be fooled by vandalized images or clever wording? Microsoft open sources a tool to test for that
Microsoft this week released a Python tool that probes AI models to see if they can be hoodwinked by malicious input data.
Which human metacognitive structures AI is lacking
Learning is not only about feeding on bottom-up data
While computer models need large amounts of data to identify a word, a human child only needs two or three occurrences to understand it.
Adobe "Catchy Content" shows how content intelligence powers personalization
When that obsession with data turns into tunnel vision on customer data only, it becomes impossible to achieve personalization at scale.
Google's AI photo app uses crowdsourcing to preserve endangered languages | Engadget
Woolaroo lets cultures protect their vocabularies on their own terms.
Elon Musk's Research Firm Built an AI-Powered Game Changer for Marketers
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Why AI ethics Requires a Culture-Driven Approach
Photo by 43 Clicks North on Unsplash Timnit Gebru, an Ethiopian American, known for her progressive AI ethics research, who was Co-lead of Ethical Artificial Intelligence Team at Google, said in a tweet on Thursday that she was fired from Google for a research paper that highlighted bias in AI.
Carnegie Mellon researchers trained AI to simulate our universe on a GPU
Simulating the universe is difficult. There are, after all, potentially infinite variables to consider.