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Mastriano's Sputtering Campaign: No TV Ads, Tiny Crowds, Little Money
He added, "But his nontraditional campaign seems to be working."During the same time period, Mr. Mastriano - who speaks only to conservative news organizations and podcasts - spoke with just three Pennsylvania outlets, according to media trackers."The question I have when I look at his tactics regarding the media is, you know, what's he hiding?"Mr. Mastriano, who this year spent $5,000 trying to recruit supporters on the far-right social media platform Gab, never built an army of small donors of the sort that have powered anti-establishment candidates elsewhere - including Mr. Trump.
US politics
Opinion | Even in Blue States, Election Denial Can Cause Serious Damage
While the secretary of state is the formal head of elections, it's the registrars of voters and town clerks in Connecticut who are doing "the day-to-day work of running elections."When Connecticut passed a law in the summer of 2021 restoring the right to vote to many who had returned to their communities from prison, Mr. Rapini criticized the move in part as a failure of priorities - he said it meant officials weren't doing the work to "fix our elections in Connecticut."And there are people like Dominic Rapini, Connecticut's Republican secretary of state nominee, who are running in blue states and unlikely to win.