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Creating and styling a modal bottom sheet in React Native - LogRocket Blog
The modal bottom sheet is a component that we've likely all seen before.It's an element that slides up from the bottom of a screen to display extra content or longer descriptions within a mobile application.You've probably seen it in some of today's most popular applications, such as Twitter, Instagram, and the Apple AppStore.The modal bottom sheet pops up whenever an event is triggered by the user.You can see an example of this below in trying to install an app on my phone: In this tutorial, we will be creating a basic realtor application with a modal bottom sheet feature.
The inheritAttrs Option in Vue
In other words, the rendered element would look like the following.The rendered element would look like the following.In the following example, the top-level <div> in the MyComponent template will inherit the class="style-div" attribute.In the following example, the<div> in MyComponent will not inherit the class attribute, or any other attribute.By default, attributes on the component "fall through" to the rendered element.The async-button component needs to execute some logic to disable itself, in addition to executing the user-specified @click handler.